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4 Reasons Books Make Great Christmas Gifts

POSTED BY prbythebook ON December 19, 2013

So you’ve been invited to a few holiday parties this season or your family is known to have a bigger Christmas celebration than the Griswalds and you’re scrambling for gift ideas for Aunt Judy, Uncle Bill, and little John. Here are four reasons why books make a GREAT gift for everyone across the board:

They’re Relatively Inexpensive
If you’re planning on buying presents for everyone in your family or for all of your friends, your credit card bill can quickly add up. Books prices can vary, but for the most part a good portion of books are within the $10 – $20 range.

The Gift of Knowledge
What’s better than giving someone the gift of knowledge? Maybe your Aunt Judy loves cooking and wants to experiment in the kitchen. Knickerbocker Glory would make a great gift! Perhaps Uncle Bill is a proud Texan who loves Texas history. The Harness Maker’s Dream would have his heart brimming with Texas pride. And little John could probably use some comfort going to the dentist, so Luca Lashes and His First Trip to the Dentist will be something he will remember for years to come. By offering a book, you’re recognizing what your friends and family are passionate about and encouraging their interests.

Easy to Wrap
Books are so easy to wrap. No weird jagged edges or unexpected crevices.

Great for Regifting
Let’s say you received a book that you weren’t particularly interested in OR you were interested in it and read it so carefully as to not crease the binding at all. Chances are someone you know might enjoy reading this book also, so books are the gift that keep on giving!

Have you received a book as a present? What was your reaction? Surprise, delight, horror? Let us know!


Happy Holidays from PR by the Book!

POSTED BY prbythebook ON December 17, 2013

The publicity team was off having a fun…. …while we were in the office working hard. Happy Holidays from PR by the Book!


What I’m Reading: Silk Armor by Claire Sydenham

POSTED BY prbythebook ON December 16, 2013
What I’m Reading: Silk Armor by Claire Sydenham

 by Elena Meredith, Publicist, @ElenaMeredith I’ve always dreamt of living abroad for a time or taking a year to travel, but alas, have not gotten to it—yet! So for now, I line my bookshelves with travel essays and live vicariously through their authors’ experiences. When I picked up Claire Sydenham’s Silk Armor, I was looking […]

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How to Help Families this Holiday

POSTED BY prbythebook ON December 5, 2013
How to Help Families this Holiday

by Ashley Lauretta, Assistant Publicist, @ashley_lauretta Here at PR by the Book we are thrilled that it is the holiday season. This year, we learned of a request from a place in Austin that is really dear to our hearts — and we wanted to take the time to share a way that you can help […]

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