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The Beauty of Books

POSTED BY prbythebook ON July 27, 2015

the beauty of books by nereida zarco from within a book tumblr blog post

One of my favorite events of the school year was the annual book fair. “Reading is fun,” my teachers would say but I already knew that. I would save up my allowance for weeks just so I could buy a brand new book. One year my school held a reading contest, the student that read the most books by the end of the year won tickets to the circus. During the first couple of weeks, all my friends and I would make a trip to the public library or local bookstore. It wasn’t long before it was just me sitting in between the bookshelves, a stack of books next to me, and my face buried in one. By the end of the contest I had read 314 books – turns out no one else had even reached one hundred.

A couple of years ago when I was moving to college, I rediscovered my giant collection of books – from short children’s books (that I never returned to the library) and young adult books to all the assigned readings in between. They appeared to be nearly new even though I had read and reread them numerous times. There was nothing highlighted and no notes were written in the margins. I thought of my books as a work of art, I didn’t dare to change them.

Nowadays with Kindles and iPads, the hardcover book seems like a lost art. However, this sculptor, in an attempt to extend the life of vintage books and find the beauty of books, has literally turned them into works of art.

from within a book the beauty of books

Emma Taylor started From Within A Book out of her appreciation for books as storytellers, knowledge trees, and as objects. Don’t worry, she doesn’t go around carving away or drawing on the most recent best-seller. Taylor predominantly works with antiquarian books. Her pieces are beautifully crafted, inspired by the title, size, shape, or the cover of the book. Amazing what beauty can emerge from within a book.

Take a look at the full From Within A Book collection on Tumblr, or follow her on Twitter.

“From within a book row on row, a forest of knowledge continues to grow. While brackets and commas flourish and bloom, we fear The End beings to loom.” –Emma Taylor (appears printed on a tag that hangs on some of her works)


By Nereida Zarco, digital media intern at PR by the Book.


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