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BLOG TOUR: “Resist” by Tracy Lawson

POSTED BY doug ON August 24, 2015

blog tour resist by tracy lawson #resistblogtour

We are pleased to announce the kickoff of the Resist Blog Tour! From August 24-28, blogs from across the nation will feature the second installment of Tracy Lawson’s Resistance Trilogy, Resist.

Look out for reviews, excerpts and Q&A’s featured across the internet by blogs including What Is That Book About, The Best Books Ever, Lynchburg Mama, and Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile. Don’t forget to purchase and enjoy Resist!

Follow PR by the Book on Twitter @PRbytheBook to see the posts we’ll share throughout the week! If you want to join in on the fun, feel free to use our official blog tour hashtag: #ResistBlogTour and tag author Tracy Lawson @TracySLawson.

resist by tracy lawson resist blog tour #resistblogtour


Book Two, Resist, picks up this fast-paced dystopian series right where the action left off. After their plan to rescue a group of dissenters imprisoned by the OCSD spins out of control, Tommy and Careen are on the run, dodging the quadrant marshals in a headlong dash for the remote mountain headquarters of the Resistance. There they meet more members of the rebel group—not all of whom can be trusted.

Their budding relationship is tested when an attempt to spark a revolution goes awry, and the pair moves toward an inevitable confrontation with the forces that terrorize the nation. Will their differing viewpoints drive a wedge between them? And where does love fit in when you’re trying to overthrow the government?


Tracy Lawson is an award-winning author of two nonfiction books. She’s enjoyed creating the characters Tommy and Careen and looks forward to continuing their story in more volumes of The Resistance Series young adult novels. Tracy lives in Dallas with her husband, daughter, and three spoiled cats.

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The Coolest Book Gear We’ve Ever Seen, Courtesy of Litographs

POSTED BY doug ON August 20, 2015
The Coolest Book Gear We’ve Ever Seen, Courtesy of Litographs

Repurposing books as art isn’t a new subject for this blog, but our new favorite book nerd-worthy organization takes the cake when it comes to book paraphernalia. We encountered Litographs at Book Expo America this May in NYC and fell in love. They made a splash at the conference with their collection of t-shirts, posters, […]

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What No One Tells You About How to Price Your Book

POSTED BY doug ON August 4, 2015
What No One Tells You About How to Price Your Book

Pricing your book properly may be the most important marketing decision you will make as a self-publisher. The price you choose will determine your sales, revenue, profits and opportunities for long-term growth. However, there is a big difference between pricing for sales through retail stores (including bookstores) and to non-retail buyers. You can improve your […]

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