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Ready for the Bluff Blog Tour?

POSTED BY prbythebook ON February 27, 2017

Bluff Blog Tour
We’re excited to announce the start of the 
Bluff blog tour! From February 27th to March 3rd, follow along as bloggers share excerpts, interviews with the author, and even giveaways!

Follow PR by the Book on Twitter, @PRbytheBook, to stay updated during the tour! For more, search our blog tour hashtag, #BluffBlogTour, and follow author Julie Dill on Twitter @JulieDillOKC.

About the Book

Seventeen-year-old Chelsea Knowles is your average teenager. But she’s harboring a secret that very few people know: she and her dad can’t pay the bills. Broken by his wife leaving, Chelsea’s father ignores his parenting responsibilities. Between cheer costs, grocery bills, electricity, and other financial burdens, Chelsea knows it’ll be up to her to keep the lights on.

She manages to sneak into a casino, and her first big poker win sparks the beginning of a downward spiral. Money stops being a problem, but a complicated web of lies begins to spin out of control, threatening to reveal her bluff.

About the Author

Julie Dill currently lives in Oklahoma City where she serves as an adjunct professor and loves helping students achieve success. She holds a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Oklahoma City University and continues to work on various writing projects. From hiking in Colorado to playing poker in Vegas, she’s always up for a new challenge.

You can order your copy of Bluff now on Amazon!

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5 Ways to Help An Author You Love

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5 Ways to Help An Author You Love

This Valentine’s Day, we’re all about sharing the love. Since we’re in the book industry, we figured now would be the perfect time to share a little love with the authors we know and love! Want to help out a friend who is an author (or another favorite author of yours)? Here are some easy ways from […]

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Ten Awesome Ways to Turn No into Yes

POSTED BY prbythebook ON February 6, 2017
Ten Awesome Ways to Turn No into Yes

  Authors and publishers hear the word “no” frequently. It could be said by the media, distributors, buyers in retail stores or corporate buyers, however that doesn’t have to be the final answer. People who say no to one thing may be more likely to say yes if asked again. Use that fact to your […]

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Meet the Team: Judy McDonough

POSTED BY prbythebook ON February 2, 2017
Meet the Team: Judy McDonough

While I’m a 20+ year PR veteran, I’m still a total geek about always seeking out the newest trends in public relations, from the most effective words to use in a subject line to hunting down contacts at a startup media site. My job as a publicist is to show the media that you have […]

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