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Happy Book Birthday to The Fido Factor by Krissi and Dan Barr and Negatively Ever After by Deanna Willmon!

POSTED BY prbythebook ON September 12, 2017

Happy book birthday to 2 of our clients today, 9/12/17!

We’re ready for you to rise to the top of your game with Krissi & Dan Barr’s The Fido Factor and discover happiness through the pages of Deanna Willmon’s Negatively Ever After: The Skeptic’s Guide to Finding Happiness.

About The Fido Factor

What could business professionals  possibly learn from dogs about leadership and being at the top of their work game?

As it turns out, a lot.

The Fido Factor is a groundbreaking take on success that will get you barking up the right tree. It goes where no business book has gone before. That’s because dogs exude a leadership genius that can only come from domesticated quadrupeds with wet noses and expressive tails. The Fido Factor’s core message is that dogs can motivate each of us to become a more effective leader at work.

About Krissi Barr

For over 15 years, Krissi Barr has helped businesses and individuals succeed. Her consulting firm has consistently delivered results working with everything from Fortune 50 companies to family businesses to start-ups. By focusing on strategy & execution, executive & team coaching, and leadership programs, she’s sparked transformations that have produced long-term growth and profitability. Krissi helps her clients separate the daily distractions from the real issues to put companies and individuals on a growth trajectory. She helps leaders dust off hidden talents and ideas, remove obstacles to superior performance, and execute critical objectives. She has hands-on experience in many key sectors of the economy including manufacturing, technology, logistics, consumer goods, insurance, financial, and business services.

The Fido Factor is available on Amazon now!

About Negatively Ever After: A Skeptic’s Guide to Finding Happiness

Fed up with happiness gurus telling you that you can’t be happy unless you get rid of all of your negativity? Sick of all those perky Positive Pollies receiving all the happiness glory? Negatively Ever After will provide the guidance you need to find happiness without the impossible task of eradicating negativity from your life. This book debunks the popular misconception that being positive and being happy are synonymous. Using a simple “Happiness Bank” analogy, the author shares her research, experiences, and missteps in discovering that negativity is not the enemy. From achieving self-adoration and learning what gratitude truly means to determining whether sharing happiness is really a good idea, this book explains how to develop “Negativity Wisdom” in order to embrace and effectively utilize your inherent negative tendencies. Realistic and accessible, Negatively Ever After will help you harness your negativity and find your own inner happiness.


About Deanna Willmon

Deanna Willmon is an author and speaker who has spent most of her professional career trying to convince others that they need to be more administratively organized. Now, she spends her time convincing people they need negativity in their life. Deanna has come to the conclusion that negativity isn’t the enemy of happiness; hence her title Negatively Ever After. Deanna enjoys reading, playing board games, and writing short stories. She hails from Las Vegas and still resides there with her spouse and two children.


Negatively Ever After is available on Amazon now!



Happy Book Birthday-The Thing with Feathers by McCall Hoyle and Remarkable Books by DK Publishing

POSTED BY prbythebook ON September 5, 2017
Happy Book Birthday-The Thing with Feathers by McCall Hoyle and Remarkable Books by DK Publishing

We’re ready for you to fall in love with McCall Hoyle’s YA novel The Thing with Feathers and delve into the historical pages of DK Publishing’s Remarkable Books: The World’s Most Beautiful and Historic Works. About The Thing with Feathers Sixteen-year-old Emilie Day is not like the other girls from her town on the Outer Banks of North […]