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Marika’s 12 Months of Beloved Books – February

POSTED BY prbythebook ON February 27, 2018



At the onset of this 12 months of books, I decided I’d rotate between reading nonfiction and fiction (because I LOVE novels!). Funny enough, I’m on my fourth book and all of them have been nonfiction. I just keep finding interesting books on my bookshelf or landing in my lap.


I pulled this 2014 book off my shelf (it’s been collecting dust for some time) because I was having a tough week of parenting my three kids. Two out of three of them were just having a rough week, and I was feeling it – feeling exhausted, feeling like all I was doing was lecturing, not laughing.


And we like to laugh in our house. So it was finally time to read In This House, We Will Giggle: Making Virtues, Love, and Laughter a Daily Part of Your Family Life (WaterBrook Press) by Courtney DeFeo. This mom offers parents a practical approach of how to instill virtues in children—inspiring moms to find the time to giggle.


As wife and mother of two, DeFeo was inspired to write an idea-packed book for parents filled with motivating reflections, real-life stories and creative ways to help parents turn their kids’ hearts toward God.


“When together as a family we awaken to pleasures of loving and following Him, the experience bonds us. When we realize that—no matter our age, gifts, or limitations—we can be used to impact others, we are inspired to create family moments that are fun and memorable,” teaches DeFeo.


Designed to cover an entire year, each of the twelve chapters highlights one key virtue in developing a child’s character, along with insights to help infuse the virtue into everyday life. Family Olympics is just of a few of the family-fun activities outlined that is extremely timely.


This book has caused me to pause when I feel my heart rate increasing, cortisol rising and about to blow my cool over something not important (in the scheme of things) or a battle not worth fighting at that moment. So they left all their clean laundry on the couch for another day before folding and putting it away. In a world where kids are not even 100% safe at schools, maybe this isn’t that important.


Marika Flatt is the founder of PR by the Book, celebrating 15 years in the book business. She’s a Scorpio, enjoys a glass of wine or craft beer on the weekends and her favorite Friends character is Chandler. She also loves to travel with her husband (co-founder, Doug) and her three lucky kids. You can read her travel stories at and hear her on the statewide NPR show, “Texas Standard” every other Thursday.