Blog Tour Basics


Five day (M-F) period, preferably around the release of the book


Bloggers sign up for a specific day and post either a review of the book, a pre-written Q&A with the author, an excerpt, a book review or host a giveaway (sometimes a combination of these depending on their time/preference).

We reach out to bloggers to sign them up, keep track of who’s supposed to post what day, remind each a week in advance and make sure to log who posts and who doesn’t (so we can remind those who don’t).

During these five days, your book will be promoted on all of these blogs and through the bloggers’ social media (and yours and ours!) to try and drive awareness of your book. The best thing you can do is engage with the bloggers through social media on the days of their posts to take advantage of their audience. We will make sure that you know the social media handles of the bloggers for each day of your tour.
Here’s how the work breaks down:


Get the ball rolling on your publicity campaign!