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#BlogathonATX is coming… Let’s get ready to rummmmbbbllle!

POSTED BY prbythebook ON October 2, 2013

Bloggerby Amanda Quraishi, BlogathonATX

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for the next #BlogathonATX, scheduled to occur on Saturday, October 19, 2013 at the Tech Ranch in Austin, Texas. Stay tuned on the BlogathonATX website for details and to be notified when tickets go on sale!

BlogathonATX was created BY bloggers FOR bloggers. The original concept of BlogathonATX was to just have a bunch of blogging friends meet at a coffee shop and spend the whole day eating, drinking coffee, blogging and networking. Only problem was…too many people wanted to come and we couldn’t fit everyone in a coffee shop!

BlogathonATX’s production team has taken pains to create an anti-conference environment, where bloggers are free to set their own agenda for the day. We may be holding it at a co-working space, but the same idea of sitting in a big room with a bunch of cool nerds (oh yes, cool nerds exist), drinking copious amounts of caffeine and banging away on our keyboards is still very much alive and well.

In addition to the social atmosphere, however, BlogathonATX has some formal sessions where local experts talk about their technical and creative experiences, offer advice and instruction, and answer questions from folks who want to pick their big brains. There are also special rooms set up where you can get technical help for setting up or configuring your blog, and for getting design and UX tips, too!

One of the highlights to BlogathonATX is that we bring in lots of local food and drinks from sponsors like Roll On Sushi and Flying Saucer to keep our bloggers fueled up. (A well-fed blogger is a happy blogger, amiright??) You’ll be exposed to some of Austin’s finest small, local businesses and fall in love with their delicious offerings. (Check out more of our past sponsors here!)

So…get ready for one of the highlights of the blogging calendar year! BlogathonATX is the perfect way to meet interesting people, learn new stuff, try new foods, and get your blog in tip-top shape… you’ll be amazed to see how many truly awesome folks there are blogging right here in Austin, Texas.


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