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Blogging for Authors: 3 Tips for Getting Started

POSTED BY prbythebook ON August 16, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 2.22.26 PMby Sima Thakkar, Director of Digital Marketing, @simocrates

When it comes to writing a blog, even great writers, such as PR by the Book’s clients, could use some help with where to start and what to write about. They’ve already spent endless hours perfecting their book, so the thought of having to to produce even more content on a regular basis can be overwhelming.

Remember, as part of promoting your book, having a content marketing strategy, which includes pushing out new content on your blog, is key to keeping your audience engaged on your website. Here are 3 tips to helping you get started on your blog:

Find a good example:
If you’re confused on how to blog, what to blog about, how often you should blog, my first recommendation is to search for other authors who are already blogging. See what type of content they are posting and if their audience seems to be engaged. Are they talking about their book tour? Are they talking about their favorite tree to write under? Or maybe they are releasing short excerpts from their book. A couple of my favorite blogs by authors are Sweet Debbie’s Organic Cupcakes (cookbook author) and Luca Lashes (children’s book authors).

 Integrate your blog into your website:
If your website is build on WordPress or some other content management system, adding a blog tab shouldn’t be too difficult. The ultimate goal is to give people a reason to visit your website on a frequent basis – and using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the perfect place to announce your new blog posts, driving people back to your site. Instead of using social media to just say “buy my book, buy my book, hey – did I tell you about my book?” you can offer a fresh new reason for them to visit your site – in hopes of them eventually buying your book.

Start writing:
Blogs are meant to be short, digestable chunks of content that provide value to your audience. Blog posts should generally be around 500 words or less. Use catchy, definitive titles like “3 Reasons I Chose to Write About Science Fiction” or “5 Cool Things I Saw on My Book Tour” – these types of headlines reassure your audience that your post will be short and engaging. Always try to include at least one picture, as well.

Have more questions about blogging? Ask us in the comments section below!


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