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Case Study: Patagonia Tracking Gobi Grizzlies by Douglas Chadwick and Joe Riis

POSTED BY prbythebook ON October 19, 2017


In a remote desert in Mongolia lives the world’s rarest bear. Ursus arctos gobiensis—Gobi grizzly bears. Today, no more than three to four dozen individuals remain. In Tracking Gobi Grizzlies, wildlife biologist Douglas Chadwick creates a portrait of these rarest of bears’ fight for survival in one of the toughest, most remote settings on Earth. He demonstrates why saving this endangered animal supports an entire ecosystem made up of hundreds of interconnected plants and animals, from desert roses to Asiatic lynx and wild double-humped camels, all adapting as best they can to the effects of climate change.


With this campaign, we successfully targeted three main segments of media:

  • Wildlife conservation, with a story about saving the world’s rarest bears;
  • Environmental media, about how climate change is impacting the habitats of endangered animals;
  • Montana media, where the author is based.


  • Adventure Journal
  • Montana Public Radio “The Write Question”

One of the main goals with this book was to raise awareness of the Gobi Bear Project (, the organization that has been working for over a decade with the Government of Mongolia to promote conservation and protection of the Gobi bear. The author toured the U.S. and Canada, introducing North Americans to these big, unruly, long-eared, bed-hair-shaggy bears, which successfully resulted in raising thousands of dollars to support the Gobi Bear Project.



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