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Five Tips for Winning Book Publicity

POSTED BY prbythebook ON June 1, 2016

Five Tips for Winning Book PublicityHere at PR By the Book we don’t believe in a one size fits all book publicity strategy. Every book, author and expert is different, and we know it’s important to take the big picture into account.

Publicity is about more than spreading the word for your latest book. Good publicity will build your tribe, grow your following, and increase brand recognition every step of the way. Start thinking strategically about your brand as a whole!

Read on for our top five tips for winning book publicity.

1. Position yourself as an expert

The media want to hear from “experts” that can talk about, analyze and help us see issues through a different lens. Positioning yourself as an expert on a topic rather than an author of a book will expand the possibilities for media that will want to hear from you.

2. Think about long term value

What is more valuable to you in the long term? Selling one book for 20 dollars or gaining a loyal following across your social media? Both have value, but active members of your tribe will stick with you for the long term.

3. Be a consumer of the media as much as you can

Read what’s going on, stay abreast via social media and keep up with local and national news. It’s going to keep you educated on how to plug yourself into national and local conversations.

4. Know that social media is not a fad, it’s not going anywhere

Publicity and social media work together in this day and age. Once you get media hits it’s important to share them like crazy on your social channels. Sharing on your website and on social media will give hits a shelf life.

5. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality

Knowing your target audience and what makes sense to communicate to them is key! Get creative and think outside the “book section.” Does your expertise relate to lifestyle or health? Take advantage of these opportunities to pitch creatively. Local newspaper, TV and radio are great places to start building your expert brand. And the more media you get, the more credentialed you are in both your media history and your position as an expert.

Like our tips? Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the latest book industry news and publicity tips. Ready to level up your publicity game? Contact us!


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