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Websighting: A Reader’s Digest site, tart cherries & sleep

POSTED BY marika ON September 7, 2011

Reader’s Digest’s health and remedy site, recently consulted Atlanta psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Dr. Tracey Marks for her expertise on sleep deprivation and sleep apnea. At the core of the health and mental difficulties many patients Marks encountered, was an inability to achieve a deep and full night of rest. The inability to achieve sufficient sleep can result in a multitude of further debilitating physical and mental problems.

Marks, also found that her patients were overwhelmed and confused by the amount of sleep-aid products and home remedies. Drink this, don’t drink that, walk, don’t walk, try this prescription pill, but not that one. Sensing the need for a less convoluted approach to sleep, she wrote the detailed and effective book, Master Your Sleep: Proven Methods Simplified.

When Reader’s Digest wanted a quick method for the millions of American’s that stir in the night, they consulted Dr. Marks, a long-term PR by the Book client who has steadily climbed to the top of her field, when it comes to sleep experts in the news. We initially connected with the D.C.-based health & science journalist last year. She told us she was working on a few Reader’s Digest projects, but couldn’t use Dr. Marks for a story at that time. She encouraged us to keep in touch (in publicity, timing is everything). In May, the reporter reached into her expert source file, and reached out for an interview.

Dr. Marks offered her a simple, but unconventional method for falling asleep: tart cherries. Cherries contain melatonin, which can trigger your brain into a more relaxed and receptive state for sleep.

The benefits of Master Your Sleep are obvious to anyone that reads the book, yet the benefits to providing an article for an online source might befuddle a new author. Why provide for free even a single line from your book to a magazine, and an online magazine at that?

Because of exposure. Because you’re reaching an audience that might pick up a Reader’s Digest in a doctor’s office, but will first Google a remedy to sleep deprivation before calling their physician.

Dr. Marks has just expanded her waiting room, not by word of mouth, but through the megaphone of the internet and in every chair rests her book, Master Your Sleep.

PR by the Book is holding that megaphone.

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