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The Intern Did It and Got It

POSTED BY prbythebook ON June 3, 2015

by Guest Blogger Michael Mazzella, Millennial Tipster at Your Daily Success Tip.

It’s that time of year – people start to call us and ask if we can help their son/daughter/niece/nephew etc. get a job after college. First question we ask? Did he or she intern anywhere?

Please welcome our newest tipster Michael Mazzella who tackles today’s tip: Careers are built on experience and relationships. Interning gives you experience; experience is your most invaluable selling point, and everything is sales. During your internship, you are selling yourself and cultivating new relationships. Those relationships lead to opportunities. The more experience you have, the more relationships you will have, the more opportunities will come your way. The bottom line is this: education is great but it won’t get you hired. If there is one position open and one candidate applies online and one candidate has had face-to-face experience working with the employer, who gets the job? Hmmm.

Also read: Bankrate says adult internships are not only on the rise but a good idea. Need a job? Want to change careers? Want to get your foot in the door? It doesn’t matter how old you are, find an internship.

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