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Marika’s 12 Months of Beloved Books

POSTED BY prbythebook ON January 23, 2018

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions. I’m currently in a long-term fitness program so the goals I have around health & fitness are taken care of through that work. But, I heard a trainer at Orange Theory Fitness say, when we were stretching after a workout back in mid-December, that he was committing to reading one book per month in 2018.

I’ve been a book publicist for over 20 years; I read a lot. I am really into bettering myself and find that reading is a gateway to a great deal of self-awareness (I was also inspired by my new friend Ken Dunn of; he reads a book per week!). So I decided that would be my goal for 2018 also. And, since I love to relax with novels, I will be rotating nonfiction and fiction from month-to-month.

I’ll be sharing brief reviews here on our blog of my 12 books of 2018. It will keep me accountable and I can send some amazing book suggestions your way.

JANUARY JOURNALING (I’m really into alliteration!)—

My January book was “Oola: Find balance in an unbalanced world,” by Dave Braun and Troy Amdahl. My old book industry friend told me about “The Oola Guys” in December and I know this was the book I wanted to kick off my 2018 with—learning about the 7 F’s of Oola: faith, family, fitness, finance, field (work), fun, and friends.

A bonus for me and PRbytheBook is that we get to tell the country about these amazing guys on their U.S. tour this year!

Oola is revolutionary process that is taking the country by storm. Oola has inspired Olympians, coaches, CEOs and others. Now that I’ve read Dave & Troy’s stories around the 7 F’s of #OolaLife, I’ve had a chance to write down my own goals in each area of my life, armed with a plan for 2018. The goal is to keep all 7 areas of your life in balance.

“I just wake up each day and make sure my plates are still spinning. And if I notice one is about to hit the floor, I give it a spin,” says Troy Amdahl, known as “The Oola Guru.”

“The Oola Guys” have dedicated their lives to helping others live in a state of Oola (a state of awesomeness), and they tour around the U.S. in a 1970 VW surf van, collecting Oola dream stickers. The goal is to collect 1 million stickers.

The book has helped me realize the importance of a balanced life and how I can notice when one plate is slowing down and needs a spin. My goals revolve around finding more joy in life on a regular basis.

Now, I’m just hoping they add Austin to their list of tour stops, so I can physically add my Oola dream sticker to the van! #liveoola



Marika Flatt is the founder of PR by the Book, celebrating 15 years in the book business. She’s a Scorpio, enjoys a glass of wine or craft beer on the weekends and her favorite Friends character is Chandler. She also loves to travel with her husband (co-founder, Doug) and her three lucky kids. You can read her travel stories at and hear her on the statewide NPR show, “Texas Standard” every other Thursday.



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