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Cinco de Mayo cheers!

POSTED BY marika ON May 5, 2010

Who’s ready for a round of La Cucaracha?

Here in Austin, we get giddy over Cinco de Mayo. We have road closures, block parties and Pancho Villa-themed fiestas fueled by cervezas, margaritas, and our city’s favorite: Mexican martinis.

Before you venture out to enjoy the festivities, here are 5 Cinco de Mayo-inspired publicity tips.

UNO. You have one shot to make an impression, so do it right. Our media trainer, former KEYE-TV reporter Elizabeth Dannheim, works closely with our clients to make sure they’re camera-ready and have a tight, polished message. Which leads me to….

DOS. Two-three minutes: that’s the average length of a live in-studio TV interview. It goes by in an instant, so when the camera’s rolling, be relaxed but energetic, smile, sit toward the front of your armchair or sofa (avoid looking too comfy) and try not to fidget (this includes nervous chair swiveling). When asked a question, don’t be tempted to deliver the whole enchilada. Instead, stay on-point, use sound bytes — pack a lot of punch in just a few words — and keep the interview flowing.

TRES. Three time’s a charm. Try to mention your book title three times during an interview. Keep in mind, name-dropping should be done with caution (depending on the length of the program), and only in the right circumstances (ex. a show where you’ve been specifically invited to talk about your new book). The point here is to be memorable, like a chihuahua with a tiny guitar.

CUATRO. Broadcast producers are booking ahead, sometimes as much as four weeks in advance. So early notice on any travels you have planned will only help your publicist take advantage of media opportunities in other markets. Refer to this handy post at The Book Publicity Blog for more. Planning and timeliness are essential to effective publicity. You could say the recipe for stirring up media exposure a little like mixing a margarita: it’s one part right timing, two parts message/delivery, the rest flavored to taste. Oh, and top with squeeze of lime.

CINCO. When you’re not rocking interviews, employ the Social Media 5-Minute Plan. Lots of people shy away from becoming a player in social media because they think it is huge time commitment — not so amigos. Start with 5 minutes, 3-5 times per day. Read your Twitter feed (don’t forget to chime in!), catch up (and post comments!) on your favorite blogs (hi!). Little increments of social media exposure will soon have you in a daily routine that later, you can’t do without. Like reading the news, having your morning coffee, or celebrating Cinco de Mayo with your friends on the 5th of May.

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