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Come have a drink with PR By the Book — in New York!

POSTED BY doug ON May 24, 2012

Attention New Yorkers and BEA attenders!  We are heading eastward soon, and we’d like you to come hang out with us.  Who’s up for some literature and libations?

On Monday, June 4, 5:00pm at Bourbon Street Bar & Grill (346 W. 46th St.) we’ll be clinking drinks with some of our favorite book bloggers and literary media pals. I’ve taken the liberty of perusing the bar menu, and here are some drink recommendations that a fictional literary icon might recommend to you:

HEMINGWAY: Rye whiskey, neat. I mean, right? No mixer. No girly garnish. Just straight alcohol, BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT MEN DRINK.

CARRIE BRADSHAW: Cosmopolitan. Obviously!

MINT JULEP: Anybody from the cast of Steel Magnolias, and/or Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

I didn’t see a Peach Bellini (and if we’re really going to get down to mixology business, that is actually what Hemingway did drink), but that’s OK. We’ll save that one for an Atlanta adventure, won’t we?


1 Comment

Sounds like a plan. Still can’t get used to BEA starting so early in the week…

Troy Johnson May 31, 2012


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