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Happy Pub Day to Amberjack Publishing author Kathleen Murray Moran’s Life Detonated

POSTED BY prbythebook ON October 10, 2017

“A raw, somber emotional journey that concludes with hope and a measure of forgiveness.” – Kirkus Reviews

About Life Detonated

On September 11, 1976, Kathleen Murray’s life was drastically changed when her husband Brian Murray, a NYPD bomb disposal expert, was killed by a terrorist’s bomb.

Life Detonated is a powerful memoir that tells the story of a young woman’s journey out of poverty and into the arms of a vibrant young man whose life and death would forever impact her life. Finding herself seduced by one of the terrorists, whose persuasive letters from prison offered a link back to her husband, Kathleen also details the dysfunctional relationship that developed and their disastrous meeting in person.

This gripping true story is a dramatic statement on resilience in the face of devastating loss, the long road to healing, and ultimately, the empowerment found by coming away from tragedy stronger than before.


About Kathleen Murray Moran

Kathleen Murray Moran holds a BA in Journalism and an MA in English from SUNY Stony Brook. She taught writing and literature at Suffolk Community College for twenty-five years.

She is the co-founder of Survivors of the Shield (SOS) and was instrumental in passing legislation that led to former Governor Mario Cuomo’s COPS program which protects the pension benefits of survivors, provides full scholarships for line of duty widows and children to all SUNY schools and a four year scholarship to St. John’s University. Kathleen is a speaker, advocate, and tireless supporter of family members of police officers who have experienced loss.

She lives on Long Island where she organizes writing and book groups.

Life Detonated is available on Amazon now!



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