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How To Build and Engage Your Social Community

POSTED BY prbythebook ON March 20, 2015

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Marketing Manager at Greenleaf Book Group, Corrin Foster, explains the importance of having loyal communities on social media in her webinar titled “Building and Engaging Your Social Community.” Foster thinks of a person’s online presence like a wheel, which she calls “The Wheel of Community.” In this webinar, Foster breaks down the two main components of this wheel and evaluates certain social media sites.

The Hub: Your Blog

At the center of your wheel is your blog, which Foster calls “The Hub.” Your blog should include the following to help grow and engage with your social community:

  • Original Content: Establish yourself as an expert.
  • Social Icons: Make it easy for followers to share and promote your content on all social media platforms.
  • Call to Action: Leave questions at the end of your blog posts, so followers can take part in the conversation.
  • Bio: Provide your followers with your credentials and your backstory.
  • Buy Links: Make purchasing your books or products easily accessible.

The key to blogging is consistency. Create a content strategy that centers your material around a central theme and set a realistic schedule for posting.

The Spokes: Your Social Media

Social media acts as the spokes to your wheel that keep your idea moving and builds momentum for your message. It can get a little overwhelming trying to be on every social media platform out there, but we’re telling you, you don’t have to be. Be selective. Find where your audience is. Social media is what drives your readers back to your blog, so you want to focus on doing well on a few platforms, rather than dropping the ball trying to utilize them all.

Foster shares some statistics provided by Pew Research Center to get you thinking about which platforms will suit you best, along with tips for each:


  • 45% engage multiple times daily
  • 56% of adults 65+ use Facebook
  • Skews significantly female

Create an author page to connect with your audience instead of using your own personal profile that tends to have more limitations, such as a cap on the number of friends you’re allowed to have.


  • 23% of adults use Twitter
  • Daily engagement dropping
  • Beginning to skew male

Make sure your profile is public and that you have a profile picture instead of a Twitter egg. Also, use the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of what you share should promote others and 20 percent should be self-promotional.


  • 28% of adults use LinkedIn
  • 13% of users engage daily

Decide whether you’re using LinkedIn for personal or professional reasons. Users will look to you for your expertise, so stick to content that centers around that.


  • 28% of adults use Pinterest
  • 42% of females use Pinterest

Optimization is key. Optimize your boards by giving each a title, subtitle and assign them to an appropriate category. Optimize your pins by including complete captions and keywords. Finally, optimize your blog posts by having a high quality vertical image for each.


  • 26% of adults use Instagram
  • 53% of those aged 18-29 use Instagram
  • 49% of users use the site daily

Instagram is a great way for authors to share their stories and show their readers what inspires them. If you’re traveling around for events, be sure to tag the locations, along with any key influencers you’re with.

For more advice and tips on building and engaging your social community, you can listen to the entire webinar here.

Which social media platforms are your audiences on? Share with us!


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It can be very overwhelming to imagine having to be on all social media platforms to engage. Great information on statistics of each platform! This is a great starting point to go off of when gauging which to engage on. All forms media should be monitored for mentions, not just social, though. Great post!

Elizabeth Victor March 27, 2015

Thanks! We love Google Alerts – they’re a great way to make sure you aren’t missing any mentions!

prbythebook April 8, 2015


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