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How To Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

POSTED BY prbythebook ON September 14, 2016

How To Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

Social media, in a word, is a beautiful mess. We love the fact that it connects people like never before but sometimes things that aren’t meant to be shared to the world end up doing just that. Whether you are building your brand online or just trying to clean up your social media presence, it’s time to tidy up your online footprint to make it professional yet fun.

Google yourself.

First place I would start is googling yourself for good measure. Yeah, the only thing you might find is a picture from when you won first place at a track meet when you were 14 years old, but it’s always good to make sure.

Untag photos.

Hey, remember that photo your friend posted of you doing a keg stand when you were a freshman in college? Let’s start by taking that little number off your Facebook. A picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s up to you whether you want those words to appear negative or positive. It’s important to look at your pictures through a different perspective other than your own. (Like your grandma’s or a potential publisher.) From there, it’s easier to decide whether you think a picture is appropriate or not.

Check your content.

Similar to photos, the content you post or share resembles your beliefs and interests. If you share a video about hunting, people are going to assume you enjoy hunting. If you share a picture of puppies in a basket, people will think you like puppies (but who doesn’t like puppies, really?)

Some content you share won’t be as likeable as puppies though. If you really believe in something whether it be political or social issues, there is that risk that some people will oppose your thoughts. Stick to your silo! If you’ve written a book about knitting scarves, you probably shouldn’t be posting an in-depth political commentary on the election.

A good suggestion would be to join groups on Facebook that share your beliefs and talk about it freely. Like I said before, put yourself in someone else’s shoes before posting to a public feed that everyone can see.

Restrict tagging.

Probably the most wonderful thing to exist within the social media world, you can restrict the things you’re tagged in on almost every social media network (especially Facebook). In order for your friend to tag you in a picture of you picking your nose, they have to receive your permission, which you can most definitely deny.

For Facebook, go to the tab where you logout and click on settings. Then click on “Timeline and Tagging” and tweak with it as you will.

Making accounts private.

If you don’t want just anybody that’s not your friend looking at your personal profile, you might just want to switch your account to private. It’s very simple to do with the biggest social media outlets. Just go to settings, followed by privacy, switch your account to private and TADA! Now it’s very hard to creep on you through social media.

Now, you might be thinking, “Oh, since my account is private I can resume to post pictures of myself doing keg stands”. I still strongly suggest following all of these tips so your social media can be squeaky clean!

What’s next?

Remember, building your brand online is very public. Even if something is shared on a private profile, there’s no guarantee that someone won’t screenshot it and share it with the world.

Being a brand doesn’t mean being boring! Inject personality into your profiles as much as you want, but always remember to do a mental check before you post something online. It can’t hurt!

If you need a little help cleaning up your social media profiles and making them stand out, PR by the Book offers Social Media Makeovers! Let us revamp your social media profiles by designing new, eye-catching cover photos, updating your bios, and creating gorgeous share-worthy graphics tailored to your brand and audience. As part of our social media makeover, we’ll also provide you with a take-home, three month social media calendar and our expert recommendations on how to use social media to build your audience, establish yourself as a thought leader, and drive traffic to your website or blog.

Contact us today to get started!

Emily Munroe is the digital media intern at PR by the Book. She loves the beach and relaxing with her tunes in her free time. Her number one passion is any food with cheese. Follow her on Twitter @emily__km.

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