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Lifestyle and Diverse Workforce

POSTED BY Babs Chandrasoma ON May 12, 2017

lifestyle and diverse workforceUntil the early millennium, the workplace consisted of a physical location, 9-5 work day and limited PTO (paid time off).  Employees were expected to be punctual, perform the job functions and focus on the corporation success. Over the last 5-10 years a new concept has emerged,  the lifestyle company, where the focus has shifted to include personal and family life, along with company success. Many companies offer flex schedules and work from home positions. On the upside, employees do not feel the stress of choosing between work and family and studies show more content employees prove to be more productive. An individual with a flex schedule or telecommuting position does not encounter the cost of daily business wardrobe or commute time and cost.

Of course, this type of environment is not conducive to every personality or industry, a person must have excellent time management and communication abilities. A telecommuting situation may prove difficult for recent college graduates who have not experienced working in an office environment. You lose the ability to walk down the hall to get an answer, the synergy of team brainstorm/problem solving, etc. The professionalism gleamed in an office setting, not to mention the social skills and comradery, are lifelong qualities.

prbtb teamToday’s workplace is impacted through multiple generations sharing the same space. The veteran workplace employees can mentor the younger employees and visa versa. If a person spends several years with a company or in a business sector they become a valuable resource for others to learn from their experience. On the flip side, fresh young employees can be a source for technical and youthful visionary qualities. My current workplace labor force represents the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s age groups. I am the oldest, even older than the owners, and have been with the company the longest.

What I have experience working with multiple generations is a sharing of knowledge and mutual respect. A noticeable difference is communication style. My generation developed our communication style via personal face-to-face and telephone contact. It was easy to reflect emotion and understanding using these forms of communication. The younger generation developed their communication methods through email, text and limited personal contact depending on their educational and workplace experiences.

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