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Marketing Like A Bestseller, Part Two: How to Keep Your Audience Interested

POSTED BY prbythebook ON January 22, 2016

Marketing Like A Bestseller, Part Two: How to Keep Your Audience Interested

It can be a struggle to keep your audience interested in your book – especially if your book isn’t out yet. If you’ve taken the advice of our first post in our Marketing Like A Bestseller series, How to Create A Book Announcement, it might seem a little daunting to imagine the next few months. However, this post – inspired by the successful publicity campaign of Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – is the next step.

After you’ve announced your book early – giving you, your team, and your audience plenty of time to get excited – what’s next requires a lot of planning to keep people talking about and interested in your book up until its release date.

Here are three things to keep in mind when making a pre-release plan inspired by Big Magic’s campaign.

1) Don’t forget the basics.

After Elizabeth Gilbert announced Big Magic, she launched a redesigned website inspired by the book’s cover and made her new book a prominent part of the site’s home page.

As soon as you announce your upcoming book, update all aspects of your online presence with the news. This includes but is not limited to your social media images, social media profile description, author bio, and website. If you’re an expert in your field and have written pieces for other websites, you can even reach out to the editors there and ask that your bio be updated to include a line about your upcoming book.

2) Keep talking.

At least once a month from the announcement to the release of Big Magic, Gilbert provided new information to keep her audience interested.

During her campaign, Gilbert produced and released a podcast series related to the content of the book, ran a giveaway for readers who pre-ordered the book before June, and did a creativity-themed Instagram countdown the last ten days before the release.

Don’t let the conversation die down once you’ve made your announcement. Make sure that you have a content plan ready and use it to keep your audience engaged with you and your book.

3) Get your audience involved.

One of the best ways to keep your audience invested in your publicity is to keep them involved. Gilbert decided to give away five advance review copies of Big Magic in April (five months before the release) to fans, no doubt drumming up plenty of interest. After all, getting an exclusive look into the book would be any superfan’s dream!

The campaign also included a forum for ideas and requests for the upcoming podcast series and exclusive postcards with quotes from the book for readers who pre-ordered the book before June.

Providing tangible benefits for your audience who engage with your publicity efforts will keep your book at the top of their minds.

If you want to keep your audience interested, it’s simple. Spread the message about your upcoming book everywhere, and be sure to keep talking about it. This doesn’t mean you post every single day, five times per day, spamming your audience into knowing about your upcoming book. Instead, make it meaningful and valuable. Give people a reason to care about your book! That’s where you can capture new readers, invigorate old ones, and turn fans into superfans.

Stay tuned for Part 3 in our Marketing Like A Bestseller series!

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