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Marketing Like A Bestseller, Part One: How To Create A Book Announcement

POSTED BY prbythebook ON January 12, 2016

Marketing Like A Bestseller, Part One: How To Create A Book Announcement by Alessandra Wike

Here at PR by the Book, we love Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. This post is the first in a series of lessons on marketing like a best seller, based on her incredibly successful publicity campaign.

The release date of an author’s book is an exciting time, but book publicity starts months ahead of time. Up to a year before your book is set to release, you should be enlisting a publicist, brainstorming marketing and publicity efforts, and getting your audience excited about the book before it comes out.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest release Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear showed just how much creativity and thought can generate excitement about a book’s release months before the big day.

Here are four tips for marketing like a bestseller that will teach you how to create a book announcement as inspired by the Big Magic campaign.

1) Announce early.

Elizabeth Gilbert announced Big Magic a whopping nine months before its release. She posted on her Facebook page on January 12, 2015 to announce the release of the book the following September.

Those nine months gave her immediate audience plenty of time to talk about the book with their friends both on and offline. If each member of her audience talked about it at least once with one other person in the course of that nine months (a very likely occurrence), the awareness of her new book has already doubled.

By the time Gilbert’s book came out, I had the opportunity to discuss it excitedly with countless friends and family, request it for my birthday, suggest it as presents for acquaintances, and fan-girl on my personal social media.

Announcing early allows you enough time to market like a bestseller, and it gives your fans time to get to know you and your book then generate buzz that will help create a successful book announcement.

2) Make it meaningful.

As an author releasing a new book, it’s tempting to tell your audience small snippets of information each step of the way.

One post about the title, one post about the release date, one post about the cover, one post when the book is ready for pre-order.

Gilbert provided real meaning to her announcement by anticipating the questions of her audience and combining all of these elements into one big post. She even included a pre-order link, so her super fans could order a copy of the book right away.

There is so much useful information in her announcement that her fans can’t help but start talking about it.

Include this sort of relevant, interesting information in your book announcement so your fans see the purpose in your announcement and know how to act.

3) Provide content.

Gilbert didn’t just announce the book’s name and release date, she also revealed the cover of her new book and a video about how the cover was made (all linked in her original Facebook post). According to Social Media Examiner, photos have an 87% engagement rate on Facebook and boost retweets on Twitter by 35%.

Give your audience content to engage with not and you will not only make your announcement more interesting, but it will make the announcement more appealing to share across various social media platforms.

4) Label the conversation.

Finally, take charge of the conversation from Day One by labelling your book’s news with a meaningful hashtag. Gilbert included the book’s hashtag (#BigMagic) in her announcement, letting her fans know how to become a part of the conversation.

Not on Twitter? That’s fine! Create buzz by using great images, updates, and more that revolve around your book title.

Repetition is key. We’re not saying post the exact. same. thing. every day (definitely don’t), but you should be posting about your upcoming book at least 20% of the time. Include quotes made into eye-catching images (try using Canva), ask for input on the cover designs, talk about the decision-making process behind the title of your book.

These are all ways to repeatedly put the name of your book in front of your audience so, when the time comes, they’ll be more likely to buy the book.

Managing your book announcement is step one to marketing like a bestseller. Give yourself a boost by capitalizing on this crucial step in book marketing and publicity.



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