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Meet the Team: Judy McDonough

POSTED BY prbythebook ON February 2, 2017

judy mcdonough

While I’m a 20+ year PR veteran, I’m still a total geek about always seeking out the newest trends in public relations, from the most effective words to use in a subject line to hunting down contacts at a startup media site. My job as a publicist is to show the media that you have a story to tell – and I love being that storyteller. I get pretty excited about my craft – I truly think I was born to do this!

Recent Campaigns

It was exciting to work with Electoral College expert Tara Ross and her new children’s book, We Elect A President, during such a landmark election year – I loved that we were able to insert her into the national dialogue! Additionally, Dr. Peter Abaci’s message of drug-free pain solutions in Conquer Your Chronic Pain is one that he’s very passionate about – so I’m thrilled that we continue to garner national media attention with major publications for him.

Top Media Hits

Tara Ross landed some great media hits, including Fox Business Channel and The Daily CallerDr. Peter Abaci’s book was mentioned in Women’s World, and we also have an upcoming hit in Prevention.

women's world


What are the genres you love working on? 

I’m always scanning news outlets, radio shows, and cable news shows for breaking news and nationally trending topics and trends, so I love working with authors – faith-based, lifestyle, political, entertainment – whose work can be part of that national conversation.

What is your #1 tip for Authors + Publishers?

When looking for media hits, keep in mind that sometimes the “sexy” ones – big, flashy media – aren’t the ones that actually sell books. A media outlet that speaks to your tribe, even if that outlet isn’t very big, can have a better return-on-investment than doing an interview for an outlet that’s larger but doesn’t really hit the people who will purchase your book. 

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