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Web Sightings: Alex Hiam on Wall Street Journal’s “The Juggle”

POSTED BY doug ON June 22, 2010

“The Juggle” is The Wall Street Journal’s highly read work-life balance blog (2,474,820 unique visitors/month), covering the choices and trade-offs people make as they juggle work and family. When PR by the Book started working with Alex Hiam, author of Business Innovation for Dummies, his publicist Stephanie Ridge began to brainstorm creative routes she uses to garner attention of the nation’s top news outlets, including WSJ. But in addition to the most obvious targets like workplace and business reporters, Stephanie came up with a cross-over approach that might appeal to working parents and parent/family beat media members.

Hiam’s book answers the question “How do you spark creativity when it doesn’t come naturally?” Its goal is to teach the average Joe to do Einstein-level of innovation, an essential quality in today’s business world. That’s the business part, but how could she link in the home/family aspect? Alex is an artist as well, so Stephanie liked the idea of using the creative play that naturally comes along with your role as a parent to boost your creativity at work.

Her pitch went something like this – “Doing art projects with your kids can also help you in the boardroom. Next time your creative juices aren’t flowing at the office, reach for pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, play-doh and paste. Stimulating your creative genius requires cross-training in art – even simple craft projects assembled at the kitchen table with your kids.”

They loved it! And the idea sparked quite a conversation in the comments.

Taking the time to craft the perfect pitch for one key journalist pays off!

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