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Jolt, One Big Thing and Unique — Phil Cooke

POSTED BY prbythebook ON September 14, 2016

Authors like Phil Cooke – a screenwriter, film producer, international speaker – can do, and write, almost anything. But for versatile folks like this, it can be hard to isolate their “one big thing.”

That’s why we distilled Phil’s message down to several simple, lifestyle-ready topics when his book, One Big Thing, released. A master at adapting his message to events of the day, we worked with Phil to respond to media trends commentator-style, utilizing the faster-paced world of broadcast media to spread his message.

Because Phil is the kind of author who is so in-tune with the media cycle, we took a teammate approach to generating segment ideas, and it worked: The Today Show,MSNBC’s The Cycle,
Fox News, and Huffington Post all booked Phil for interviews. Today, this prolific author is developing his other “big things,” and we love helping him get the word out about his projects.



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