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PR by the Book Celebrates 15 Years of Books, Bookings and Business

POSTED BY prbythebook ON October 16, 2017

PR by the Book Celebrates 15 Years of Books, Bookings and Business

By Marika Flatt

The 15th anniversary symbol is crystal, if you’re traditional, or a watch for the modern set. We’re celebrating October with crystal flutes (cheers!) and appreciating the passage of time with our watches. My, how the book industry has changed in 15 years! That’s like 15 years around the sun, but in this day and age, every industry spins much faster on the axis of technology.

Our “little engine that could” and our work family here at PR by the Book have really evolved into decades of experience, professionalism and passion. We’ve had many team members that have helped us get to this celebratory 15-year mark, and we thank them all, feel blessed by their contributions. Today, we have a super strong team of nine that work hard day in and day out to land media hits for our clients (which is no small feat, especially in the age of Trump) and be good stewards of our clients’ time and budgets.

Let’s look at how far we’ve come!

  • In January, we birthed a new division of PR by the Book, Serve Literary, which serves the Christian industry, gaining exposure for religious leaders and nonprofits. With experienced rainmaker Jason Jones at the helm, this division is based in Nashville.
  • Part of growing and aging is finding the secret sauce that works. All 4 of our campaign managers have years of experience and, before coming to PR by the Book, served as publicity directors in-house at publishing companies. We have an amazing depth of experience, which brings knowledge, skill, relationships and professionalism to our team. This is highly unique in the book publicity industry.
  • As a result of the above, this publicity team has been booking a higher level of media hits than ever before. We have systems in place to share these media hits and announce them via our social media platforms to extend the life of each media placement. On a weekly basis, we see top tier hits coming through from our hard-working publicists. 
  • A testament to our team’s quality work –referral and repeat business.  Our repeat revenue in 2016 was nearly HALF of our overall revenue!  This is the ultimate vote of confidence in the PRBTB team. 
  • We celebrated our first 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY with an employee back in February. Our Business Development Coordinator Babs Chandrasoma has been with PR by the Book for a decade! We’re blessed to have such a dedicated, loyal and hard working team.

It’s been a banner 15 years (see the cute #PRBTBx15 banner on our logo) for PR by the Book in more ways than we can count. Here’s to continued success in an ever-changing industry.




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