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Review: Certain Girls by Jennifer Weiner

POSTED BY doug ON February 3, 2012

NOTE: Being voracious readers ourselves — we are book publicists, after all — we here at PR By the Book have started penning our own book reviews!  Check out Megan’s thoughts on Mindy Kaling, then read below for a review by our very dear Rebekah Epstein.


I have been following author Jennifer Weiner for some time now.

The first book I read by her was Good in Bed, which follows the smart, sharp-tongued journalist, Cannie Shapiro, on her journey from relationship to accidental pregnancy to unplanned motherhood (with many more unfortunate, yet hilarious events along the way).

While Weiner’s work may be disregarded as “chick lit”, her stories never follow the genre’s typical equation: girl meets boy, girl chases boy, and eventually they live happily ever after. Yes, Weiner’s heroine does get her happy ending, but it is not without monumental roadblocks.

Certain Girls, the sequel to Good in Bed, follows Cannie into her 40s. The book chronicles her stable adult life with her 13 year-old daughter and doctor husband. While I would recommend Certain Girls, it is definitely not as good as Good in Bed. When you hit such a homerun with the first book, it is hard for the second to compare. Certain Girls has a more mature tone, as Cannie is no longer suffering from the growing pains of her 20s/30s. In this book, Cannie definitely does not get her fairy tale ending.

Now, I am reading Then Came You, Weiner’s latest book. This book doesn’t chronicle Cannie; instead, she follows the lives of four very different women struggling with a variety of problems. While I am only about half way through the book, Weiner has yet to disappoint.

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