social media coaching

Social Media Coaching

Forget the marketing tools of the past. These days, building a brand on social media is important for every author and publisher. Whether you’re starting on your first book or fifteenth, it’s important to present a well-polished brand that can increase your thought leadership, generate traffic to your Amazon page, and build a community around your books.

Social media is changing at an alarming rate. It’s no longer as simple as tweeting once or twice a day – especially with live streaming, mobile-only platforms, and other new features introduced regularly. PR by the Book offers hands-on social media coaching that will help guide you through the rough waters of social media, allowing you to DIY in a way that is both easier and more effective.

Our digital marketing director will provide a detailed 1.5 hour training on subjects including, but not limited to:

Remember, the best part of this social media coaching? It’s customized to you. You ask the questions, we give you the answers. Whether you’re just learning how to tweet or you’re a social media power user, every coaching session is unique.

Cost: $500

Price includes: