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10 Ways Your Book Could Be Used as a Promo

POSTED BY prbythebook ON May 11, 2017

Book could be used as a promo
Retailers can purchase books for resale to their customers. Non-retail buyers, such as those in businesses, purchase books, not for resale, but to help them solve a business problem. This could be to increase the sales of an existing product, enter a new market, motivate employees or thank customers. Brian Jud shares with us 
Ten Ways a Company Could Use Your Book as a Promotional Item.

1. Ad Specialties

Your book could be given away to attract or retain customers, or as an incentive to purchase a particular product. Most likely it will be customized with the firm’s logo on your cover.

2. Premiums

A promotional product that is earned in some way to motivate or reward customers or employees.

3. Gifts

Fiction and nonfiction books may be the perfect gift during holiday seasons, for unusual events or for special marketing periods.

4. Coupons

Manufacturers may offer a dollars-off, in-pack, on-pack, or near-pack coupon entitling the bearer to a discount on your book.

5. Branding

They may use your book if they believe it is consistent with the image they have or want to create. Your book with a leather cover may meet that need.

6. Continuity programs

It is considered a continuity program if parts of a book are given as a series. A company might offer chapters of your book for a recurring visit to their website.

7. Patronage Awards

Low-priced items (such as booklets) might be given way with each purchase of a minimum quantity of some product, or as a reward for visiting a website or tradeshow exhibit.

8. Training

Sales managers want better-trained salespeople working for them. Human Resource managers want employees that are more productive. Your content could help them do that.

9. Self-liquidators

It may not be feasible to buy your coffee-table book – or other high-priced books – to give away. However, it could be sold at a price low enough to entice buyers, but high enough to cover its cost.

10. Prizes

A high-priced or high-valued book might be offered as a prize in a contest or sweepstakes.


There are many different ways to get your book noticed and spread out to more potential fans. Using your book as a promotion may be your next step! For more book marketing advice from “Book Marketing Works”, visit Brian Jud’s website.

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