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Case Study: Beautiful Scars

POSTED BY prbythebook ON March 1, 2017

Beautiful Scars is one family’s story of resilience and hope that reached readers nationwide, through coverage from Girls’ Life to MTV News.

About the Book

Kilee Brookbank Beautiful ScarsFrom the moment we started talking to the newly founded publisher KiCam Projects about Beautiful Scars, we knew we had come upon a special book. Written by burn survivor, Kilee Brookbank, and her mom, Lori Highlander, Beautiful Scars is the story of how everything can change in an instant and how one family responded with determination, strength, and a positive attitude.

At the age of 16, Kilee Brookbank was in an explosion that consumed her house, burning over 45 percent of her body and sending her to the very brink of death. She spent 38 days in recovery at Shriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati. Her story received extensive local media attention in their home state of Ohio. Kilee’s story also caught the attention of national outlets, including The Doctors TV Show, where Justin Bieber surprised Kilee with a visit (in part because of a Twitter campaign by her high school classmates).

About the Campaign

Kilee and Lori’s inspiring story, now shared in Beautiful Scars, continued to garner great media attention. Beautiful Scars received rave reviews with book bloggers, and we booked feature stories in several print magazines, including Girls’ Life and Woman’s World. Kilee became an MTV Founders Contributor for MTV News, with the article “I Am More Than My Scars.”

The inspirational story continued when Kilee was named prom queen during the book campaign, which was covered by Inside Edition, Seventeen, Hello Giggles, Daily Mail, GOOD, and PopSugar

Beautiful Scars is a perfect example of how several key media placements can “breed” other media. It’s also an example of a how a book that truly taps into the resilience of the human spirit will always lead to campaign success—once we facilitated the media connections, Kilee and Lori’s powerful story spoke for itself.

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