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The Anatomy of a Great Blog for Authors

POSTED BY doug ON September 30, 2015


For writers and a variety of other professionals, a blog can be a great opportunity to share your brand and create an online presence. A blog for authors is primarily meant to do two things: provide information about you and grow your reader base. Your blog can reflect who you are as a writer, but it’s also important that people who seek information about you can find it. Here are important things to keep in mind when blogging:


BIO — Who, What, Where, Why & How?

People want to know more about you as an author! Provide important information on where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and where you’re going. This can reel in readers to connect and relate to you along with give any media the information they need to promote you.

CONTACT — Email/Phone/Facebook/Twitter

Because of the popularity of email, this is the most important thing to include. If you’d like to go above and beyond, a telephone number and your social media accounts can’t hurt! People have different communication preferences so options are good. Not only does this allow your readers to give you feedback (which can always be helpful), but it leaves the door open for opportunities. Whether it be valuable feedback, invitations to speak, Q&A’s or valuable connections (i.e. a potential publisher?) there is no opportunity that can’t grow into something larger.

FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

If your field of expertise is subject to a slew of questions or maybe you’d like to clarify some things an FAQ page is a great idea! This can be a page or just a small section on your blog. Where can people find your book? How can people book you to speak at their event? Answer these questions and others for your blog visitors.

UPDATE — Keep It Current

Don’t let people forget about you! Make sure to provide new content at least monthly and maintain up to date and correct information. It’s a changing information landscape, if you’re inactive for too long people can (and usually will) forget about you, no matter how engaged they may be. It’s easy to forget about something when it’s no longer providing you new information. This is true for all social media or personal outlets.

SYNCHRONIZE — Links, links and more links!

Be sure to include links to any important sites, including your website, social media and other pertinent information. It’s important that the message is consistent across platforms and that every blog for authors has links to everything a reader may want to see. This can include book sites, your publisher, even your LinkedIn account if that is helpful to your image and intent. Consider including feeds from your Twitter account and other social media accounts on your blog as well.


FOCUS — What’s your expertise?

By sticking to the topic you’ve written about you capture the attention of readers interested in that or those topics. It’s also good for establishing your credibility. Your credibility is why people will listen to you or read your book! They trust what you have to say and have faith your ability to write about that topic.

NEWS — New information keeps you relevant!

You can connect to the larger world and stay relevant by discussing topics which tie into your focus. Sometimes you find things that are right up your alley! Other times it takes a bit of creativity. Think to yourself, “How can this tie into my area of knowledge?” Often times, you can bring a fresh perspective that people will be interested to read. With that said, opinions are very personal–be sure not to alienate certain readers.

IDEAS — Be creative.

As you may know, writers block is real. Keep a notepad of ideas or a memo on your phone with ideas that may come to you. This is also where feedback can come in handy, have any of your readers prompted any discussions or asked any questions you’d like to discuss? Be creative and ask questions of yourself as well, this can prompt a whole train of thoughts that lead you to something unexpected!

EXPERIENCES — Ongoings of a writer.

Sharing what you do or have done can connect your reader to you. Provide insights into your experience as a writer, places you have gone because of it and things that you have done. When writing, ask yourself what you would want to hear about someone’s experiences then relay that information.



Making sure your blog looks professional is important, this affects first impression and can be the reason someone stays on your page.


Including images in your posts can make your posts more engaging and stimulating for your readers. Utilize both photographs and word graphics, but do your best to stay away from clip art. A quality photo can go a long way…


Try to stick to a schedule. Updating on a certain day or time or within certain increments lets your followers know when to tune in for more and it can provide anticipation.


Make sure you find the right platform for you. Some are more compatible with different uses, whether they are photo friendly, good for longform writing or what modification options they include are good questions to ask.

All of these combine to help you maintain a great blog. With that said, blog away!

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