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#FridayReads – A Pink Suitcase: 22 Tales of Women’s Travel

POSTED BY prbythebook ON January 29, 2016

a pink suitcase 22 tales of women's travel #FridayReads Marika Flatt

As a woman who loves to travel, I was immediately intrigued by the title of this book. I love hearing about other women’s adventures, because, let’s be frank- women seem to have more interesting travel experiences! (OK, that’s just my feminine opinion.)

A Pink Suitcase: 22 Tales of Women’s Travel is a collaboration of 22 short stories (an anthology) chronicling these women’s journeys. One of my most favorite pages in this book, from Sally Wendkos Olds’ story of her trip to New Zealand, quotes Helen Keller, saying, “Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Olds tells us about her experience bungy jumping at the young age of 73.

I also love Gina Kremer’s story of her hike through The Appalachian Trail to combat her depression and get her life back together (think a shorter version of WILD by Cheryl Strayed.)

Ultimately, these women inspire me to step out of my own comfort zone while traveling. I always say that travel serves the purpose of helping us to push our boundaries, try new things and spread our wings. These women share their intimate experiences with the reader and made me ponder where my next adventure will take me with my blue suitcase.

More about A Pink Suitcase:

Take 22 adventurous women, drop them into fascinating destinations around the globe and add exceptional storytelling. A Pink Suitcase brings together these intrepid explorers as they take on the world with wide eyes, an open heart and a woman’s point of view.

Their stories are as diverse as the destinations they visit, from sailing the South Pacific to searching for roots in rural China. Along the way, many uncover their own hidden strength when confronting difficulty and danger. Several take up the challenge of trying something new because they can – and do! – reveling in the joy of accomplishment and fresh discoveries. Still others find healing in travel, a soothing balm when nothing else seems to help.

Sometimes they travel alone, whether by choice or circumstance, forming deep connections with those who cross their paths. They find that curiosity, courage and sometimes even a sense of humor can create an experience that is not only unforgettable, but transforming.

a pink suitcase 22 tales of women's travel #FridayReads Marika FlattA Pink Suitcase: 22 Tales of Women’s Travel was edited by award-winning journalist Janna Graber. Along with Graber’s work, A Pink Suitcase includes stories from 21 top international writers. Graber has covered destinations around the globe for more than 40 newspapers, magazines and websites, and was the on-camera host of Great Escapes. She is managing editor at Go World Travel Magazine.

A Pink Suitcase: 22 Women’s Travel Tales (World Traveler Press, Colorado USA) ISBN: 9780990878643; Release date: Nov 02, 2015; Print $16.95; E-book $7.99,

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