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Web Sightings: Ryan O’Reilly on!

POSTED BY doug ON June 17, 2010

What do you get when you match a well-timed pitch with a killer magazine website? You get today’s Web Sighting of the Week, that’s what.

Our intrepid Elaine Krackau, publicist for author Ryan O’Reilly (Snapshot and To Nourish and Consume) booked this hit, and we’ve got to thank for it. Ryan wrote a great tip list titled “Eight Tips for Road Tripping,” just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. The tips are perfect – “Select Your Travel Companions Wisely,” “Camp Out Along the Way” – and as an added bonus, the story got 173 Diggs!

Are you wondering how Elaine scored this juicy hit? Well, so was I.

“I had a small timeframe to work with because I wanted to send this pitch for the Memorial Day weekend,” said Elaine.  “ covers travel, so I knew I had to outreach to them. My pitch was super short and sweet with a teaser, and when they expressed interest, I sent over the whole thing.”

We’ve been talking a lot at PRbtB headquarters about email, and how effective it is. Elaine’s smart approach shows that email pitching can still work – especially if you respect a journalist’s time the short-and-sweet way.

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