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Websightings: Dr. Larry Bugen on

POSTED BY marika ON January 12, 2011

When we started working with Austin relationship expert Dr. Larry Bugen on his book Stuck on Me…Missing You: Getting Past Self-Absorption to Find Love, we knew he would be right on target for two upcoming media cycles: New Year’s resolution season and Valentine’s Day.

When we heard about a story in the works at SELF Magazine’s online print version, (869,894 unique visitors / month), we offered up Dr. Bugen for interview. As a follow up to a recent New York Times story about the recipe for a happy marriage in the era of “me,” SELF writer Jenny Everett needed a few credentialed experts to help tell the story, including Dr. Bugen who turned out to be a great fit:

In other words, when you’re working on “expanding” yourself, don’t forget about your other half. Larry Bugen, an Austin, Texas-based psychologist and author of the upcoming Stuck on Me…Missing You: Getting Past Self-Absorption to Find Love, thinks it’s great to invest time and money into personal activities and goals — as long as they benefit your honey as well.

“There’s a fragile line between a healthy self-interest and an interest in loving others,” says Bugen. “Discovering one’s strengths and realizing one’s potential are very healthy, so long as the inevitable ripples benefit someone other than ourselves.”

Read the post in its entirety here.

Congrats Dr. Bugen!

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