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Websighting: Troy Parfitt on CNBC

POSTED BY doug ON August 30, 2011

An editor at was looking for something very specific. She needed someone to provide an editorial explaining why America is not losing its superpower status to China. This was to run as a counterpoint to a different piece titled “The Race With China Is Ours to Lose — Is America’s Superpower Status At Risk?”

As luck would have it, we had just the guy to provide a smart, fact-based piece on this topic!  Troy Parfitt, author of Why China Will Never Rule the World, was an English teacher in Taipei for more than 10 years. He set out on an investigative journey through China to test the theory it is going to become the next superpower. You can read the full CNBC blog post here.

Since appearing on CNBC, Troy’s message has gained traction because he’s been able to offer this piece to other outlets. In fact, it was picked up by a news wire in his native Canada and began running as an oped in their papers over the weekend. This is further evidence that the answer to the question: “Should you write for free?” – is YES!

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