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TODAY Gets Results: Exploring Sales After Major Media Hits

POSTED BY prbythebook ON July 12, 2012

If we haven’t posted enough on our excitement for Michael Wigge’s national appearances, this might do it. Of course, the most exciting part of moments like this, as it would be for anyone, is getting to see Wigge sitting next to celebrities we’ve only dreamed of meeting and exclaiming to whoever is in the room with you, “That’s Michael Wigge! I know him!”

Once it’s all over, we let out a sigh and continue to harass the person who is still sitting in the room with us, “He was so good. Wasn’t that good? And funny, he was sooo funny. Isn’t he funny?”

While that seems like the peak of excitement, we still have a job to do. Appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the TODAY show are fantastic, but what are the results? People often wonder if having an author chat up one of the hosts on the TODAY show actually yields more book sales.

Well, we monitored the Amazon sales rank numbers and the results are in…
The week of July 2nd, Michael Wigge appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, then two days later he was interviewed on the TODAY show by Willie Geist.

Before his TV appearances that week, Wigge’s book How to Travel the World for Free ranked:

#89,064 on Amazon Books
#69,406 in Kindle Books

After the Tonight Show Wigge’s numbers drastically improved to:

#1,894 on Amazon Books
#7,354 in Kindle Books
#3 in Kindle Books > Specialty Travel > Adventure

During the time between the Tonight Show and TODAY show, his ranking moved down to #4,850 in books. After the TODAY show, the Amazon ranking improved further:

#1,264 in Books
#31 in Travel Books
#1 in the Kindle Store > Specialty Travel > Adventure

Plus, while browsing Amazon Books,  we could see How to Travel the World for Free on the right-hand Best Sellers panel:

It was fun to see Michael Wigge on TV, but watching his numbers improve was the icing on the cake.

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Author interviews: The art of speaking clearly.

POSTED BY doug ON August 25, 2010
Author interviews: The art of speaking clearly.

Remember when you were in high school, and the quickest route to an “A” paper involved enormous, unnecessary words? “While not expediently told, Great Expectations is a masterful and very interesting tome of great literature.” “Martin Luther King inspired many people including suffering individuals who had prejudice laid against them and together they undertook a […]

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Kathryn Bertine: A [media] tour de force in Sacramento

POSTED BY marika ON July 20, 2010

If you live in Sacramento, the name Kathryn Bertine might ring a bell. She’s an Olympic hopeful cyclist, a former pro figure skater (see All the Sunday’s Yet to Come) and ESPN’s 2008 Olympic experiment, which she wrote about in her book As Good As Gold: One Woman, 9 Sports, 10 Countries, and a Two-Year […]

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TV lessons from a yo-yo “pro”

POSTED BY doug ON May 19, 2010

All of us at PR by the Book got a good chuckle last week when we watched these two videos of Kenny Strasser (aka “K-Strass”) pranking TV stations KQTV and KODE in Missouri, pretending to be a yo-yo champion. What ensues are two of the most uncomfortable (yet comical) TV interviews we’ve ever had to […]

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