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BLOG TOUR: “The Secret Life of a Fool” by Andrew Palau

POSTED BY Babs Chandrasoma ON April 2, 2012

Andrew Palau‘s story is not unlike the stereotypical Preacher’s Kid. Son of international evangelist Luis Palau, he had it all: a loving home, two role-model parents, and a strong church that provided a faith foundation. Yet for reasons inexplicable to everyone, Andrew included, he turned his back on it all.

“People seem to want guys like me – son of a preacher man – to have some scandalous reason for all my ‘mistakes,'” he says. “But my scandal is less of what you might expect, and more like something we all deal with.”

Andrew lived up to Jay-Z’s lyric, “Life begins when the church ends.” He craved social acceptance and popularity, and pushed the absolute limits in everything he did. He dropped gallons of gasoline from highway overpasses, made Molotov cocktails, drank, and did drugs.  He was cruel.  One night, after being kicked out of a Red Sox game drunk, he convinced his buddies to kick a homeless man “for fun.”

In his first book, The Secret Life of a Fool: One Man’s Raw Journey from Shame to Grace (Worthy Publishing, April 3, 2012), Andrew describes his dark days of rebellion and the moment that turned it all around.

“God revealed himself to me in that time, and that place—and my life has never been the same,” he says, speaking of a profound trip to Jamaica with his father.  Originally intending to go for just one reason (partying), he instead experienced a life-altering encounter with God.

The Secret Life of a Fool is Andrew’s gritty story of running from God and the unforgettable, heart-healing grace that turned him back to God.

Today Andrew is an international evangelist in his own right, organizing outreach events worldwide for the Palau Association and regularly sharing the gospel with tens of thousands. Andrew can be heard on the daily radio program Reaching Your World, which is on more than 850 radio stations in 27 countries. Together, the Palau team has been featured in some of the world’s leading media outlets: the Associated Press, Forbes Online, The Washington Post, CNBC Asia and USA Today. Andrew He lives in Portland with his wife and three children.

Check out The Secret Life of a Fool trailer here and tune into “The 700 Club” on April 13th for a special interview. Visit the following blogs throughout April for reviews and giveaways.

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We’d like to extend a big THANKS to these bloggers for partnering with us to promote The Secret Life of a Fool.

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