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Web Sightings: NYT shout out for B&H

POSTED BY marika ON July 8, 2010

We love a great headline, especially ones that accompany our clients’ stories.

This week in our weekly “Web Sightings” series, we bring you a punchy headline and a story from Friday’s New York Times Technology pages.

This religion-turned-technology trend article was two months in the making. A little bit of persistence (but not the annoying kind) on behalf of B&H Publishing Group and their new Apologetics Study Bible for Students (and corresponding iPhone apps) helped see this story through. We were initially tipped off in April about the “God debate by proxy” by a tech guy at the digital arm of the publisher. So we put out feelers to a few influential religion writers to gauge the level of interest in the trend. And to answer the bigger question: Was it a trend at all?

While one top reporter at a major syndicate rebuked the idea: “Why would anyone care about an iPhone app?” a few respected journalists saw potential, one of them being Paul Vitello, a NYT reporter known for his famously in-depth pieces on the Catholic church. We spent several months working with Mr. Vitello on both sides of the argument.

There are a few publicity lessons to take away from this piece:

  1. Major media bookings definitely don’t fall in your lap (especially when your client is a relatively unknown author/product/company). In fact, top tier hits are a result of hard work and behind these stories, there are often a team of players all vying for their piece of the pie (quotes).
  2. Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines when it comes to pitching quirky stories. Think of other pages your story could potentially land: technology, religion, sports, parenting. Often, one message can effectively be skewed dozens of directions. If only there were an app for that!

Thanks to all the folks who pitched in with interviews and tutorials: Paul Mikos and Aaron Linne at B&H and author/editor Sean McDowell.

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